What to know about permanent residency

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With permanent residency in canada, you will be issued with a permanent residency card, which you can use in proving that you have permanent residency status. In case you happen to travel outside Canada, you will have to show your permanent resident card as well as your passport when coming back to Canada on a commercial vehicle such as a boat, an airplane, a bus or a train.

As a permanent residency in Canadawho has an expired card or you forget to carry it, you will have to apply for permanent residency travel documents before you can be able to return to Canada using a commercial vehicle.
What you can do as a permanent resident
Being a permanent residency in Canada, you can be able to do the following:
• Get most of the social benefits that the gotten by the Canadian citizens, including the coverage of healthcare.
• Work, live and study anywhere in Canada
• Apply to get Canadian citizenship
• Get protection under the Canadian charter of freedoms and rights and Canadian law.
You have to ensure that you pay taxes and abide by all the Canadian laws at the provincial, federal, and municipal levels.
What you cannot do as a permanent resident
As a permanent residency in Canada, there are things which you cannot do which include:
• Running or voting for political office
• Holding some job which requires a high-level security clearance
Time lived in Canada
For your permanent residency to remain valid, you have to stay in Canada for 730 days during the last five years. It is not a must that the 730 days be continuous. Some of the days you are abroad might count into the 730 days. For you to know which days count towards your 730 days, you will need to ask the officer at the Canadian border when entering Canada.