The High-Class Stone Tomb Gives The Tomb A Majestic And Sophisticated Look

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The Vietnamese culture has a long spiritual standing and has strong roots connected to its ancestors. This can be proved by its beautifully sculptured tombstones that adorn the graveyards of its ancestors. The kecantikan damai (lang mo da cao cap) is chosen throughout the Vietnamese province because of its modern and European beautiful stone tombs with unique designs.

High-class stone tombs
The stone tombs built in modern style have many unique features that make it different from the other stone tombs and most of the high calls stone tombs are of:
• Some off the high-class moss green stone tombs are very popular because of its rich look and exquisite style
Some show how majestic and holy the tomb is with beautiful pillars around it
• Some have a stone archway so that whoever enters has to bent forward with lowered head to light the incense
• Some have a name and personal information given in the brewery
• Some have a small tomb area but with necessary spiritual items
All these stone tombs are unique in itself and show how respected and reverend the ancestors are.
The most sought after stone tomb is the moss green stone tomb and is very popular in the market. This rock is exploited by hand is untouched by the mining activities. The grains are soft and smooth, making it off the lang mo da cao cap and costs higher than the other stones. The exquisite designs make it stand apart from the common tombstones

The highest quality monolithic green stone is used for the lang mo da hien dai or modern stone tomb. The high-class tombstones are a way to give respect to ancestors and loved ones. These high-quality stone tombs are made by the best masons who have years of experience in the particular field. Making use of the best technology these hand sculpted stones are the best in the market

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